Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Sweet Victory

I am loathe to take selfies, but I took this one on Track and Field Day anyway. I meant to tell the kids how proud I was of how they did that day. Don't get me wrong, I did tell them, but I wish I would have been more specific.

Really, I wish I would have told them how proud I was that they kicked the butts of that green team. I got mad and told them not to respond when they were being mean and calling us out and calling us cheaters. From that point on, I made my kids go back and redo anything they did that may lead to us being accused of cheating at all. Luckily, where it counted--and where they couldn't be accused of such things--the tug of rope contest, we beat them fair and square. The big races? Well, we came out tied with them. But the test of strength--we destroyed them in a feat of glory.

Way to go, Big Blue! You destroyed them. Remember when I told you not to predict that you would win because it would make their potential victory extra sweet? Well, you didn't do that, and it paid off. They did do that to us, and that also paid off in our favor. Just like I said it would!

Blue won. Again. I told you we were the best class.

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