Monday, April 30, 2007

Housekeeping Stuff

Today we did a lot of housekeeping things. We needed to have a Spelling test from the other day. Check. We needed to have our test for Caesar's English. Check. We needed to grade DOLs, and we got that done too. What we didn't get finished was a writing assignment I wanted to give the kids, but we ran out of time. Also, the kids know that their organ reports are due on Wednesday.

Tomorrow is a Social Studies test over chapter 11 in the book, and Wednesday is a test in Math. I know, I'm normally such a "testy" guy, but we are zeroing in on the end of the year.

Friday is the Art field trip to IMA, so if you haven't turned in your permission slips, please do so soon!

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Hey, everybody, I promised I'd update the ol' dojo with news about my black belt test.

I got it! Thanks so much for the good wishes!

You know what this means, don't you? I have a lot of papers to grade now.

See ya Monday!

Mr. Carter

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Haps

I'm happy to say that I am the first kid to blog on the dojo in awhile. So gather round, and I shall tell you about...... the haps!


In math Mr. Carter is teaching about ratios. We've learned about how to convert a large ratio into a small ratio, and learned how ratios will pop up in real life! I think this is cool because, not only are we just learning math, we are also learning about how it connects with the world. I know that this info will come in handy when I'm an adult.


Tomorrow we're going to go to the Carmel City Courthouse. We will be watching a mock trial! I remember when, several years back, we had a field trip just like this, and I got to be the defendant. I'll never steal a bike again.

Also, next Friday, we are going to the Indianapolis Museum of Art with our art teacher, Mrs. Moon! I am really looking forward to that trip!


Thanks for reading this post on Mr. Carter's Dojo! I'm sure Mr. Carter will remember to keep this up to date! Thanks!


Eric Wiegand
Searching Grasshopper

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Electromagnets and Karate

Today, we learned about electromagnets. We used iron and stuff to test it with. We used 6 d-cell batteries to power it!

We also learned about the history of Karate. Mr. Carter had to review and memorize it if he wants to get his black belt (he is not one yet, but I am). He taught us the names of the people and where it started AND where the fights were. Did you know that Karate started in India? Well, it did! In 1946 it came to the United States of America by a soldier in the war. Today, many people take Karate or many other types of Martial Arts.


Mr. C's addition here: We spent some time as well talking about the nervous system. Ask your kids about it, and they should have lots to tell.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Slim Goodbody

Today the 4th graders went to spanish and the 5th graders went to art. After that we came back and had D.E.A.R. time. When about 45 minutes had passwed we did science. Mr Carter told us about a guy named Slim Goodbody. He was a man who tought kids about the body by wearing a skin-tight suit that had a picture of the internal orgins in the places they'd be in your body on the suit! After that we started learning about electricity, we learned how to make three light bulbs light up at once using a motor and a switch. We all had fun doing that. We all feel that it is very interesting to learn about electricity.


Monday, April 9, 2007

FDR for President

Today in class, we learned about the 2nd greatest president (behind Abe Lincoln), Franklin Delano Roosevelt, or FDR. He was president during the depression and helped our country out of it. FDR created the Tennessee Valley Authourity to study people's problems to make them better. He also hired people to paint murals on post office walls so they could feed their children bread they bought with the money they earned. FDR led our country through World War Two and was elected three times in a row! Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the creator of such programs as the post office murals and helped with eroision control and re-forestation. Now is that a great guy or what?