Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Chyme and Bile

Today we learned about the digestive system of the human body. We learned some different parts of the system and even what chewed up food was called. It was sort of gross, but it was also pretty cool. The fifth grade had D.A.R.E. , which stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education, while the fourth grade went to Mr. Vahle's room. We also made bags for Relay For Life, a walk to raise money for the American Cancer Society. We also looked a each other's biographies. The biographies where a school project. We had social studies as the last subject before the fourth graders went to lunch and the fifth graders had math.


I should add in that I didn't have to fix one thing about Jacob's post! Sweet job, Jacob. I should have you post more often. Uh, and I'm the one responsible for the title, not him. Hey, it's Science!

-Mr. C

Monday, March 26, 2007

Get Your Motors Runnin'

Today in class, we did a lot of science. We made a light bulb and motor go with a switch. We connected them with a bunch of wires and made them all go around with their tape flags. The fourth graders went for a field trip to the planetarium, so the fifth graders all came over and reviewed some math (number lines to be exact). We did a DOL and were really surprised with the outcome. Ask your child for the story of the Fergusons, Hooleys, Morty, Andrew, Pappy, Mrs. Goldberg, Oliver, and last but not least, Barky.


Friday, March 23, 2007

American Pie

Today, we had a spelling test. A l0t of us did very good. After that, the choir went down to the gym to practice for our all school sing. Meanwhile, when the choir was in the gym, Michael, Jake, Alex, Brian, Jeffery, Omar, Mr. Carter and I all sang along to "American Pie", except Mr. C wouldn't let us sing the h-word. After we finshed, the choir walked in the door. We all graded DOLs until the end of the day. After that was the All School Sing.

- BMcG

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Save Kishon by Michael Wimer (not Mr.Carter)

Kishon, our canine companion is in risk of leaving Woodbrook Elementary. This is an outrage that has been generated by pure lack of knowledge. If you happen to go to the Woodbrook Mane Event on March 23, 2007, then please sign the Save Kishon petition. Thank you (we also had a Ceasar's English test).


This is Mr. Carter--I do not in any way endorse this. I do not in any way not endorse it either. I have no opinion.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Day in Mr.Carter's Class

Today in Homeroom we had our daily "Word of the Day", the word was harbinger. In Social Studies we learned about the mass transit system. We also had a breif period D.E.A.R. or Drop.Everything.And.Read. It was quite the day in Mr. Carter's class.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Kids Are Alright

I'm trying hard to make this blog a more critical part of my communications system, in case you haven't noticed. I wanted to make sure I posted this link to help out too:


This is my classroom website, which was recently updated (and I need to do more on it, I realize) by Brady McG. He did put everything on it I asked him to. You can see a class picture on there too. It's pretty cool.

We started reading The Westing Game today, which is a great mystery story. We're not done with our biographies yet, either, as the kids found out just today. It's not a big paper or anything, though, so don't worry. We've also still got one mystery play to do, but we're going to wait until tomorrow or Thursday.

DARE started today also for the fifth graders. That's what's going on right now, actually. Officer Pitman is working with the kids during this time.


Today we studied about the early transportation of Indiana like riverboats, canals, and trains. Later we were asked to do DOL's and write about any topic as long as we put all of our spelling words and Caesar's words for the 4TH graders. For the fifth graders, they have to do half of their spelling words and all of their Caesar's english words. Today the fifth graders did D.A.R.E. We did the Hoosier spotlight on Madam C.J Walker. and we will be going to her theater soon for a musical. Make sure that you get a field trip permission slip from Mr. C! For the fifth graders, they will be doing a worksheet and studylink 9.1.

By Jeff

These weeks, we have been studying electricity and magnetism. Yesterday, we lighted lightbulbs. First, we were supposed to light one by turning the switch. Then it got harder. We were to make one lightbulb stay on with the circuit open, and then make both lightbulbs light up when we closed the circuit with the switch. Today, we did it without the switch. That was a bit easier after we already did it once. Today, 5th graders are doing D.A.R.E. It started today.

By Alex

Monday, March 19, 2007

Sing the Body Electric

Today in class, we all finished our spelling lists and morning work! After that we read in our social studies book. We learned about glass and cars. An odd combination you might say, but when you read about it you see how they come together. We did science after that. We're working on how electricity works, the human body, and rocks all at the same time! We all really enjoy the electricity unit, I mean, how can't you. We are doing little experiments on how you can make electricity work.

By: BMcG

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Carter Current for March 16th

Hello there! It has been a great week here in the Carter Classroom. We’ve learned about everything from electricity to David Letterman, with a little bit of everything that falls between those two subjects. It was very good to get back to “normal”, at least for a little while.

By now, the biographies have been read and turned in. Now the students should be working on their next book for the six weeks. Next Monday I’ll be handing out another class book for the kids to read, with probably a three week schedule for reading it. I’d say which book it is, but knowing these kids, half of them would have it completely read by Monday, and I want to at least all start together!

Social Studies
For Social Studies this week, in the aftermath of learning about the Civil War, we learned about various attractions around the state of Indiana, including all of its parks and a handful of its famous politicians. After that, we started something called “Hoosier Spotlight”, in which we will learn about a different famous Hoosier every day. We started off this week with David Letterman and Madame C.J. Walker, two disparate people with one thing in common—they hail from our great state.

I was very proud of the kids after last week’s bones quiz. Learning the scientific names of the bones is a little daunting, but I think it’s something they’ll always remember—or at least it will be familiar to them when they get into high school biology. This week we’ve been learning about the digestive system, which is pretty interesting in its own right. The kids seem to think this is a pretty cool thing to learn about—of course, it may have something to do with the high percentage of boys in the class.

We also learned a thing or two about electricity this week. We found that electricity flows from the positive end of the battery, through the wire, and back to the negative end. If you put a light bulb in the path, it lights up--as long as it’s part of the connection. When that connection is bypassed, the kids realized something different altogether happened. We’ll be continuing this for awhile.

In Math we’re wrapping up our unit on probability. The good news is that it looks like we’re going to finish the book early this year. That way we can go back and work on some of the areas where the kids struggled before.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Sound Effects

Today we had C Day which is our free day. The 4th graders went over to Mr. Vahle's class and the 5th graders stayed right here with the amazing Mr. Carter to have math.


Mr. Carter chiming in here. Brady had to go to Math. We also went through some Social Studies (how the counties got their names!), graded DOLs, and worked on our radio dramas. Today the kids made up commercials of products to advertise during their radio commercials, and we watched radio personality and sound effects man Tom Keith at his best. In Math we learned about Venn Diagrams.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A Dull Day? No Way!

Hello, fellow reader if you are wondering why this blog's title is "A dull day," the reason is we have been doing junior acheivement, math, DOLs, we also learned about the Cincinatti Reds who rock the world, just like the Cubs. Even though we did do all of the previous (read top) this was an okay day. Keep learning new stuff.

Michael Wima

Friday, March 2, 2007

Final Products/ Spelling Test Mix-Up

Today, Mr. Carter's home room class showed their final products for the topic they chose. Some of the topics were U.F.O.s, bananas, platypuses, and Leonardo da Vinci. The products were anything they wanted to do (except for a PowerPoint). Some were posters, platypuses made out of Play-Dough, and a book. Everybody had a blast working on them and it was a fun experience.

Today, Mr. Carter's home room class had a spelling test. The 4th graders spelling test was normal, but, the 5th graders got mixed up on the front, so, we could put the words in any sentence.


Thursday, March 1, 2007

Magnetic Personalities

In science class today, we talked about magnetism and electricity -- stuff like how magnets have north and south poles and are attracted to the opposite side. We're wrapping up our social studies unit on the Civil War (I think). We have also been doing a lot of stuff to get ready for Exchange City. We got to name our shops (mine, the newspaper, is called Aletto Times) and think up speeches, ads, slogans, and logos. The day that we actually go to Exchange City isn't until next Thursday, but we are still having a lot of fun getting ready for it! I think that it is going to be a lot of fun.