Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Happy Birthday, Will!

This is him tonight at the fifth grade party. The first thing I did when I walked in was figure out where he was so I could get his picture for the blog. My mind had spaced it earlier today (sorry, bud!).

Will and his family are no strangers to 5-1, because his brother was in my class many years ago. It wasn't until last summer that I really got to know him, though, and I knew right away that he was the kind of person I needed in Area 51. He is calm and collected, which is always more than welcome in one of my classes.

He is Mr. Athlete. Basketball, baseball, you name it. He is 100% boy in his interests. I was really happy this year to watch him go from being someone who didn't like to read into someone who is now what I would call well-read. I would enjoy seeing him quietly, and with extreme patience, not exactly roll his eyes, but he would just look out the side of them, when people were acting like idiots this school year. It felt like I had a kindred soul.

Will, I am so sad that tomorrow is your last day, but I hope you will always keep in touch. You have a very bright future ahead, man. You're one of the good ones, Will!

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