Friday, February 28, 2014

Fitness Night

It was sure fun to see these guys at Family Fitness Night tonight. It was also fun to see Lara and Dominick ("the two German kids" according to Dominick), but unfortunately, I didn't have my phone handy when I saw them. 

For the record: I beat both of these guys in a scooter race tonight. But after doing that, I was unable to beat Billy's brother in the same scooter race. Scooter races are hard, I found out tonight. 

I will say that both Mrs. Davis and Nurse Barb were able to show a pretty mean roundhouse kick tonight after I taught everybody the basic karate punches and kicks. 

Thanks so much to everyone who came out tonight. It was a great experience as always. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Put the Load Right On Me

In class recently, next to the "name" slot on a quiz, I put "The Worst Movie You've Ever Seen". I was shocked at the high percentage of students who said, "The Muppets."

It wasn't that I was disgusted. It's that I was relieved. I have personally never shared my generation's love of The Muppets. I never found Fozzie Bear funny. I never found Gonzo to be all that weird. I never found Miss Piggy or Kermit, for that matter, particularly charming.

But this is pretty cool. It's probably that they're singing one of my favorite songs that did it for me.

Anyway, here's tomorrow's Brain Break:

The Great Organizer

A huge huge apology to Miss Jenna. Jenna's birthday was on Tuesday, and I neglected to give her the propers for her birthday that day. Sorry, Jenna, but I had my mind on other things that day. Miss Jenna is an awesome organizer in the classroom of a teacher who isn't. She is so good about helping clean up certain areas of the room that can sometimes get a little unruly.

Miss Jenna, in honor of your birthday (two days into being eleven), here is a video by a very like-minded individual:

Jenna, I think you've found a kindred spirit! I love the look in your eye when you say, "Mr. Carter, I'm done with my work. Would you mind if I clean your desk for you?"

Gladly. Consider it my birthday gift to you.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Short and Sweet

Remember that the kids' projects are due when they come in tomorrow.

Math class has FOUR problems to do tonight. They should once again have their Mathcabulary Notebooks with them today.

Meaning exercise is due for the spelling words.

That's about it for today. They worked hard today--tomorrow will be more of the same. Hopefully, though, we will be able to do a pretty fun activity.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Can You Tell Me How To Get?

This isn't just for Mitchel. It's for everyone who loves anything awesome.

Homework Helper

Homework tonight:

3x each due tomorrow.
Preposition Project due THURSDAY.
20 minutes of reading.
GCF page for Math. The kids should have their Mathcabulary Notebooks with them tonight to help if they still need it. Also, I found a pretty good video on it below.

Also, don't forget about the Rose-Hulman Homework Hotline at 1-877-ASK-ROSE.

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Greatest One

If your child is in my Math class, they were told to take home their Mathcabulary Notebooks. We worked today to put in detailed instructions on how to do the GCF (Greatest Common Factor) questions on the homework. Also, we reviewed how to turn a fraction into a division problem so that they could get their decimal forms.

Spelling definitions and twenty minutes of reading for tomorrow are due as well. Also, don't forget that the prepositions project is due on Thursday.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Let's All Take Advantage

We have some pretty fun and exciting things in store this week.

This week is a regular, ordinary, run-of-the-mill week. We are going to take full advantage of this and go full-force all week with our Social Studies, our Science, and our Language Arts.

We have a staff meeting after school tomorrow, which probably means I won't have time to do a post right after school. Here is the Spelling List for this week:
  • agriculture
  • governor
  • industry
  • banish
  • export
  • import
  • indigo
  • treaty
  • artisan
  • representative
We will be inspecting our reading really well this week, as well as our past writing (from Friday) and our new writing (from this week).

If all goes according to plan this week, it will be chock-full of learning and opportunities for your kids. Hope all goes well.

Any questions, please let me know. I'm sure I'm forgetting a thing or two.

Let's make this a great week.

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Fine Folks of Yesteryear

 These are just a few of the pictures from Colonial Days two weeks ago now. However, these are the only pictures I took that came out decently. It was a fun day. Thanks to all the parents who came that day to make this possible. (Scroll back two weeks to see the list of names--it was extensive!) Thanks for making such a fun day possible for these kids. It was definitely worthwhile and awesome.

Good Sport

Doesn't this young man somehow look about twice as smart in this photo? You're a man of your word, Corbin. Thanks for being a good sport.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fast and Loud

Here's the lowdown for tonight:
  • The only homework your kids should have is their 20 minutes of reading plus pages 47-48 in their White Pages. 
  • We've been hard at work with our research in class. A couple of the kids might need to make it to the public library this weekend to get a few more books.
That's just about it for now. Hope everyone's enjoying the warmer weather.

Futuristic Worlds

eBook Training Rescheduled for the week of February 24-28
The week of February 24-28, students in grades 4 and 5 will be shown how to access downloadable books for FREE from the Carmel Clay Public Library (CCPL) during their Media special. A CCPL librarian will be onsite for the lesson as CCS media specialists have worked in conjunction with CCPL staff to provide suggestions and topics regarding resources that support curriculum and standards in Carmel.  There is an option in Overdrive (used to access the downloadable books) that allows patrons to determine an approximate reading level for the titles listed.
Students will need the following in order to be ready for Media the week of February 24-28:
1.       CCPL library card if possible – Students will still learn how to download books without one
a.       If your child already has one or can use a parent’s library card, great!  Just send the card or the library card number to school with your child. 
b.      If your child does not already have his/her own card, you can sign up for one.  Go directly to CCPL to get a card or have your student pick up an application from Mrs. K. in the Media Center.

2.       Personal Communication Device – if your student has one that you want them to bring*
a.       List of Devices compatible with the OverDrive system used by CCPL and directions on how to download the app can be found here:
b.      The app is not necessary for the lesson, but if you are inclined to do so you may go ahead and download it to the device.  The OverDrive app gives access to more downloadable books including audio books.
c.       IF you choose to install the Overdrive app, you will need to know that you will be prompted to set up an Adobe ID (you need to use an email and password that you can share that can be used when going through the checkout process). 

*Students who do not bring devices WILL still be able to do the activity on the computers provided.
In agreement with CCS Policy #7542 and Woodbrook Elementary policies [handbook pg 28] mobile devices, e-readers, etc., can be brought to school if the parent grants permission and the student assumes responsibility.  Your child’s teacher may elect to allow mobile devices in their classrooms; however sending a device is at the parent’s discretion. 

You Leave For One Afternoon And This Happens

Elementary Teacher Newsletters/Communications to Families:
Title: CCS Extended Instructional Schedule
School start and end times will change starting March 6, 2014. Our new school day schedule is 8:03 a.m. - 2:50 p.m. Bus stop times will be updated on Feb. 28. For more information, please click here.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

High Wire Act

Hello, everyone!

The kids stayed busy today as we took our theme test (don't worry; it was an open-book test), listened to the story of Mirette on the High Wire, graded some GCL's, and then the kids read to each other from a book on slavery. For the next couple days, we will be taking a look at the sad history of slavery in what is now the United States.

I told the kids that this isn't an easy subject to tackle, but the sad fact is that it is an important part of our history in the United States.

Click Here

Monday, February 17, 2014

Normal Being Relative, Of Course

Firstly, I want to thank Mrs. Hurdle, Mrs. Baier, Mrs. Conley, and Mrs. Hadley for putting on a wonderful Valentine's Party for us all last Friday. Thanks to you all, I was able to just get out of the way and enjoy along with the kids. 

Well, we will have a shortened week that will be packed to the gills once again. Luckily, I don't think we really have any big weird things that are going to change anything in our schedule this week. The closest thing we have, really, is Jump Rope for Heart on Wednesday, but that doesn't really count because it takes place during our morning specials time.

Tomorrow we will be reading books on slavery in Social Studies, and in Math we will be continuing on with our current chapter on fractions. In Language Arts, we will be starting a new theme, shifting perspectives from history to physics this time.

The kids' source cards for their research project will be due on Thursday for me to check over and hand back. I met with each group last week to let them know exactly how those are to be done.

On Friday, we will end the week with a Caesar's English quiz and a Math quiz.

And it will be here before we know it.


See the little lady between those two boys there in the middle? That's Miss Emma. Her birthday was last Friday, and it was probably a little overshadowed by the Valentine's Party and Kaiya's last day. I'm sure she didn't mind sharing her special day with those two events, but I wanted to take the time here to let her know that I hope she had a very special birthday and is enjoying her big ski trip this weekend.

And by the way, I've coached and taught Miss Emma in karate since she was a first grader, so I can assure you she could handle her own against any of the big guys in this picture.

And I've Got To Be Sailing Along

On Friday, we bid a fond farewell to Kaiya. She is shown on the far left at the Valentine's Party. Kaiya has moved to Fishers where her parents have just bought a house. Many of the other girls in 5-1 are undoubtedly jealous because Kaiya is going straight into a middle school situation over there.

Good luck, Kaiya! Not that you need it, but good wishes will be pouring out from 5-1 for you for the remainder of this school year--and beyond.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


ISTEP is scheduled for the week of March 10-14.  Testing takes place in grades 3-5 all day long and in all empty classrooms/areas.  In an effort to maintain a quiet, calm testing environment Mrs. Davis has asked us to not have volunteers during that week.  We appreciate your help and support all throughout the year and do not intend this request to send a message otherwise.  Unless there is a special circumstance (ie relatives visiting from out of town), we also ask that visitors do not come for lunch during that week.  We all appreciate your support!

Making Sure Everybody Counts

Tomorrow will contain multitudes: Theme Test 10 (open book) is tomorrow, Spelling test is tomorrow, and we will also have our Valentine's Party tomorrow afternoon.

I handed out the class lists on Monday, which included Henry and Charlie, so please don't forget them when making your valentines.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Regularly Scheduled Madness

Well, today was a pretty messy day. Not in a horrible way, but between pictures being taken all morning, kids being pulled for honors testing, preparing for Friday's Lollipop Drop, and having a fairly normal outdoor recess for the first time since December, you could say that today was a little haywire.

We did manage to get some quality Daily 5 time in, though, and we had a little bit of an extended brain break this morning. We also got to read the first mystery in an all new book of Two Minute Mysteries. We reviewed direct objects, learned about hyperbole, and did a GCL in the meantime. In Math we learned all about Greatest Common Factor and subtracting mixed numbers.

All in a day's work. Oh, and the Social Studies test which you saw come home is due back to school on Friday.