Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Flash Of Awesome

Happy Birthday to Luke!

Luke is my first student this year to have a birthday, and thus he is the first recipient of the birthday blog post. I realize it's late, so I apologize. I hope you get up early or are allowed to stay up a little late tonight so that you're able to see this.

What I truly love and admire about Luke is the fact that he is a fountain of positive energy. It would be awfully difficult to imagine Luke in a bad mood. Maybe that's why most of the girls in the class have a very obvious crush on Luke, and why he has so many friends. He's one of those people who is nice to everyone, and it's clear that it is because he genuinely likes everyone.

I hope it was an awesome day for you, Luke! You sure do deserve it.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Wouldn't You Like To Be a Carny Too?

Hello Woodbrook Families!
The countdown has begun!  The Mane Event (outdoor) Fall Carnival will debut at Woodbrook in just a few days! 
We are excited to say that we have sold 400 wristbands and are anticipating more than 550 people in attendance.  However, we still have 37 spots open for our volunteers and need everyone's help to make this a success!  
If you haven’t signed up for a spot, yet, now is the time!  The carnival is just four days away!  Please visit the Sign Up Genius today and volunteer to help make the carnival a great success!
See you Friday and don't forget your bag chairs and blankets!
Thank you!
Kelly Davis

Come on, everybody! It's supposed to be 66 degrees, and I'm going to be in the dunk tank. You won't have it nearly that bad, whatever it is you're doing. It's for a good cause. (At least that's what I'm going to tell myself when my lips turn blue.)

I, Robot

Well, it's official. 5-1 is now Carterfornia. The class voted yesterday and that's what the voters demanded. This is just for the reading program, there is no other reason to call 5-1 Carterfornia.

We discussed engineering today (at a very fifth grade level) involving the Mars Rover. We watched some videos of the animation that shows how it has worked so far. Here is one of the better ones:

I think that's about it. 3x each is due tomorrow, and the kiddos have to read 20 minutes tonight, of course. My math class also has one page of homework for tonight.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Status Report Stable

A huge thank-you goes out to Mrs. Dawson for getting my class going today as I had a meeting over at Clay to start off. I got back just as the kids were getting back from Music, and I was able to pretty much go about the rest of my day as normal.

Homework tonight is reading for 20 minutes, two easy-peasey pages for my Math class, and then spelling word definitions.

Hope everyone has a pleasant Monday evening.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Harvest Is When I Need You Most

This week we will be pretty much continuing on with the units we've been studying recently: quotation marks, sentence structures, science (Mars rovers), and energy (in our current Reading unit).

My Math class had a test on Friday, but this week we will be having a "leftovers" mini-unit where we won't be continuing into Unit 3, but we will instead delve into some parts of Unit 2 that were left by the wayside because they either led to further confusion or were incongruous to the rest of the unit. This includes exponents (which are not a part of scientific notation) and metric conversions.

We will have a spelling list like normal this week, despite our trip to Camp Jameson on Thursday. I told the kids that they will have to have all of their homework completed by the time they are allowed to do anything fun at Camp Jameson. I did it last year; I'll do it this year!

I'm grateful that I have so many parents going with us this year to Jameson once again. I always have the best group of parent volunteers out of the whole fifth grade, and I'm guessing that this year is no exception.

Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime, in the in-between time. 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Future of Greyhound Nation

Here's the crew in all of their Blue and Gold glory. It was a good day. Next week is a doozy, so they're going to have to work hard at school and play hard at Camp Jameson! Throw in the carnival at the end of the week and we're looking at a busy one. I'm looking forward to it.

Holy Holidays, Batman!

I hope everybody has a great Batman Day today. This kids are planning an impromptu, and very unofficial, Batman Day for dressing on Monday. I may even trade in one of my jeans days so that I can participate as well.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Morning In America

Past experience has taught me to wear sunglasses while we are doing our bus evacuation drills. It was a beautiful morning, and all the fifth grade kids did a great job on their duties.

One Year's Worth

Cut and paste from Mrs. Smith:

Hi teachers,

Would you please put in your newsletters or blogs that Book Rental is available to be paid on MYCCS and is due on October 31, 2015.

Thank you.

Running In Fright

7th Annual Ghosts & Goblins 5K / 2K & Wellness Fair Oct. 24

Don’t miss the 7th Annual Ghosts & Goblins 5K/2K event, which takes place Saturday, Oct. 24 at the Carmel High School Field House. The Wellness Fair starts at 7:00 a.m., the 5K at 9:00 a.m. and 2K at 9:15 a.m.

The 7th Annual Ghosts & Goblins 5K/2K & Wellness Fair, presented by the Carmel Education Foundation (CEF), is a fundraising event to benefit the Carmel Clay schools through education grants. Founded in 1966, CEF invests in the academic excellence of the Carmel Clay Schools through grants to teachers for classroom enrichment and curriculum development.

Participants are encouraged to come in safe costumes, but masks are not allowed. Prizes will be award for best adult, youth, and ensemble costumes.

Most Participants per CCS School:

The elementary school with the most participants will be awarded the Ghosts and Goblins Trophy, which the school will have to display for one year.

Woodbrook could bring home the traveling trophy for the most school participants. Prairie Trace won last year. For more information, registration fees, and the online registration form, click here. Or if you would like to register now, click here.