Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Thursday

Today we started out with reading. We each read our own books for about twenty minutes. Then we read our class book, Time Stops for No Mouse. After this we started working on our booklet for JA Biztown. Then Mr. Carter started talking to us about money and how some people make only three dollars a week. To those people that is a lot. Next we went to music. In music we are practicing for our musical, Snow Biz.
Next we watched a five minute movie on the correct way to sneeze (while having snack). We also wrote m down our Latin Roots. After writing down Latin Roots, we went to Science. In Science we are learning astronomy. Here comes every kids favorite part of the day, recess and lunch. For lunch we had the choice of Pizza, Turkey Chef Salad or PB and J. Which leads us to now, Math. I have work to do. Bye.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Time Stops for No Class

Today we filled out practice job application's for Junior Achievements or JA, Biz Town . We read in Time Stops for no Mouse in Reading Class. In Social Studies we had a sub, we read pages in our S.S book. In English we did job applications for JA Biz Town.In Mrs.Jacksons Math Class we did dividing decimals and some pages in our math book. In Mr.Carters Math Class we did multiplying fractions.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Proud Americans

I'm so proud of my class! We just put on the Veteran's Day program for the school, and this is the best one I've ever seen. The choir was every bit as good as they've ever been in the past, and they sang new songs and arrangements this year. But what really made me proud was my kids who all got up there, spoke their lines slowly and loudly, waited when they were supposed to wait, and did everything they were supposed to do. The flag carriers all went where they were supposed to go, and it all just went perfectly. I can breathe again.

By the way, this was typed up on Friday, I just didn't post it until now.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Quiz Filled and Dangerous Wednesday

This morning, everyone was reading their books for their books reports,(I hope)! Everyone better have studied for science, because our science quiz on plant and animal cell parts was next. Then we all went to art and found out that Murphy's project exploded and shattered Lindsey's project. The people who aren't in Choir have to get speaking parts and are flag carriers for the Veteran's Day program and we practiced that today also. After that we continued to read in our book Time Stops For No Mouse. Then it was time to switch Science. We all had to read this book about stars and take notes on it. Outside was pretty cold for recess. Brr! In math there was a big test worth three grades!

See Ya!
Claire B.