Monday, October 15, 2007

The Monday Back

I'm sure that everyone had a great long weekend, but today it was time to come back to school. Today Innisbrook forms were due. We started of the day with silent reading. Then we finished our booklet called Believe it or Not. After that e read our Scholastic News and discussed whether online schools are a good idea or not. At 9:45 we went to gym and Maria and Andy broke the school records for running times.
Then we played Challenge the Sensei. After that we went to lunch and math. In math we learned about scientific notation.

By Claire B.

Monday, October 8, 2007

October 8th

Today we came in and started to read silently. Our reading time was extended because of conferences. After that, we did our DOLs and reviewed our spelling list. Then we went to art. There we put together their clay projects. When we came back, we went to English and Social Studies. In English we finished our Diamante Poems. In Social Studies we voted on which state was the best. Then we went to recess and lunch. We came back and went to our math classes. Then we packed up and went home! On Saturday Mr. Carter came and watched me earn my black belt.
Nick S.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thursday Afternoon in Mr. C's Class

Today we took are latin routes quiz. We also read Scholastic News. Then we went to Spanish. At Spanish we took are North America and South America quiz. Then we went to English and Social Studies.
In English we worked on our poem. Some kids started typing for there poem
today others started making there pictures for there poem. In Social Studies we were assinged a sheet on chapter 2 in our Social Studies text book. It is due Monday. We also put our states up on the wall. There's a look at are day today.


Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Today,we got straight in to school and started reading for twenty minutes. After that we had reading class. In reading class we are reading a book all together. We went to gym specials. In gym our unit is volleyball.bAnd then we came back and had snack. After snack we had word study. In word study we studied spelling words and latin root words. After word study we went to science. In science we used microscopes. We went out to recess at 12:20. Then came in and had lunch,and then had math. In math we are doing powers.


Monday, October 1, 2007

Sleepy Mondays

Today in Mr. Carter's class we started with silent reading. After, we started a new book called "Milton Math Head: Football Hero?".
Next we went to Spanish!! During Spanish we studied South America and Central America. You know
*Panama *Costa Rica *Guatemala *Peru *Chile *Honduras
*Bolivia *El Salvador
and so on. We also practiced Spanish sentences.
THEN CAME RECESS!!!!! Next lunch! Which would lead us to now, Math. I think we're learning Algebra. Don't get mad at me, I was blogging I only heard a bit. But I was sort of listening.
I have to go it's 1:50.Bye!