Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Birds, Bees, Etc.

The kids survived the Ruth Lilly talk today. Our presenter did a great job, and was very frank and no-nonsense. I thought the kids did a great job. 

I did take some pictures of them looking extremely uncomfortable, but decided it would be unfair of me to post them here. However, if anyone gives me a good reason to, I will not hesitate. (Ha!)


Anonymous said...

I just had to post I still use the Ruth Lily talk in my childbirth class...every class #1 when we talk anatomy. I say it is like going back to 5th grade and mention poor Vaughn by name. Now that he is a teen, it was even more awkward when he did online health a couple years ago and needed help. I am waiting for Mr. Kolton to join the ranks next year, then Hudson next...yikes! :( PS Vaughn has a drawing he wants me to scan to you! ~ Erin

Jeff said...

I'd love to see it!

Anonymous said...

He said you could have the original. I will have Hudson or Kolton bring it to you! He still has the one you drew for him in 5th grade. He is working on one over the summer too...He is attending Butler Writing Camp again with Kolton again this year. Thanks again for the recomendation (many years ago). :)