Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Today Was All About Reptiles

Okay, well, first of all, the bad news. We only received eight chameleons. Yeah. Eight. Anyway, Drew here helped me get them into the terrariums after school was over today. Thank goodness I still had one person who went to ESE today, so that I could have at least one helper. I'm afraid to report, as well, that you probably won't be allowed to hold the lizards like Drew is here, because when we have so many people in the room, they get really scared. But anyway, the lamps are in the room, along with the lizards, the crickets, and a baseball-sized clump of worms. 

Secondly, today we had a guest writer, Mrs. Laura Martin, come visit Woodbrook today. She gave a really great presentation about where she gets ideas, world-building, and how she wasn't even all that interested in dinosaurs until she had an idea for her dinosaur-based two-book series.

Laura Martin is a former CCS teacher, having taught middle school language arts at Clay for years. It was awesome to have her here today to share with us all that has gone into writing her books. It made the possibility of becoming an author seem more and more realistic to everyone there--including me!

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