Tuesday, May 16, 2017

And Now, a Word From Mr. Z

Woodbrook Track and Field Day 2017

To: Woodbrook Elementary Parents

From: John Zangrilli

RE: Track and Field Day

Woodbrook Parents,

All grade levels will have their Track and Field Day on Thursday, May 18th, with a rain date scheduled for Friday, May 19th.  Track and Field Day will be held at Woodbrook starting at 9:30. All parents are encouraged to come and watch their son/daughter participate in this fun-filled day. Please feel free to interact with your child, as this is what they would prefer.  We just ask that you do not take them away from the group, so they do not miss any activities.

Other Track and Field Day notes:

  • Wear your team color T-shirt (which is listed below) with a sweatshirt or jacket over it, if necessary.
  • Lunches will be eaten outside during normal lunch time.  If needed, sack lunches can be ordered via the cafeteria the morning of the event.      
  • Don’t forget other specific items your child may need for the day: sunscreen, inhaler, allergy medicine, etc. 
  • Please write your child’s name on his or her water bottle

Mr. Vahle                                                        YELLOW                                                      
Mr. Carter                                                       BLUE            
Mrs. Stemnock                                                GREEN
Mrs. Loeffler                                                  RED

Thank You,
John Zangrilli
AKA, Mr. Z

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