Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Happy Birthday to Corrina!

Corrina is one of the sweetest girls in the whole class--possibly the number one contender in that category; I would have to think about it. She is always so happy and positive. I cannot think of a single person who would have even one negative thing to say about her.

She is very helpful, a great friend, and always there whenever someone needs a kind word or just a nice little smile. She has shown a lot of growth this year--I have been especially impressed by her work in Math. She has become one of my go-to girls for the right answer. She's a quiet one, but she will really surprise you like that.

I hope you have had a wonderful birthday, Corrina. You deserve it. Plus, did you notice I was extra careful to spell your name correctly throughout this post? Yeah, that's the special kind of extra care I add when doing these posts! (And, uh...sorry for all the times I misspelled your name...)

You're going to make your sixth grade teachers very lucky in, what, twelve weeks or so? You're going to do great! I will miss you greatly.

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