Sunday, May 7, 2017


This is a Sunday full of much-deserved thank yous. It would be hard for me to come up with a thank you, however, that is more deserved than that which I owe to the families and students who gave me such a wonderful week last week. It was Teacher Appreciation Week.

I have to admit that I feel kind of bad that nurses, administrative assistants, mothers, fathers, grandparents, and even presidents only get one day, where teachers get an entire week! It really asks that I step up my game a bit more every year.

Thanks to you all, but especially to Mrs. Delaby, who not only is a great Area 51 parent, but also was the teacher appreciation volunteer for this school year. You made sure I was very well taken care of this year.

Each day, I found myself rewarded in ways I couldn't have even imagined. Even on Monday--flower day!--when I had specifically asked not to be "thanked" for dread of triggering my allergies, I was thanked in a better way than I would ever have imagined. The days devoted to cards and letters, snacks, school supplies, and the teacher lunch were all just incredible.

Mrs. Davis and Mr. Hunter, thank you so much for the second teacher-appreciation lunch on Friday, when you grilled out for us and gave us a great lunch that day.

In addition to that on Friday, thank you so much to all of the parents (I have no idea who all you are, honestly!) who took over our recess duty that day and provided us teachers with a decadent massage--the whole works--in the conference room. Seriously, we had the soft Japanese music playing and the cucumber basil water pumped out for us while we were waiting.

Anyone who says teaching is a thankless job--well, you may be kind of right. But at least this past week, you would have been at a loss of evidence. Never let it be said at Woodbrook that we are not appreciated. Thank you all for your generosity and your love for the profession that we do every day.

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