Sunday, May 21, 2017

Singularity And Continuity

On Wednesday, we actually did quite a few things that were counted as "fun" by one of my students later on that day. It wasn't intended to be a fun day, but it turned out it was, and from my end, too. Practically every day is fun for the teacher, but if it turns out to be good for the kids, well, that's bonus.

The first thing was that in Math class, we cut out and constructed 3-D models of geometric shapes to help us learn about vertex and edges. Everyone seemed to like this, and it was fun just to hang out while the kids cut out shapes and then did their best to mold them into the proper 3-D form with tape and glue sticks. I am proud to say that at least all the glue sticks came back with caps properly in place and firmly attached.
We did research with the 360 laptops for the kids' independent study program for the last few days of school. That was fun. It was silent for a good portion of this! Who knew? If I had known this, I would have checked out a couple of technology carts long. long ago! It was so much fun to see the kids researching whatever they want to present, and coming up with the appropriate way to present their findings. This project has just been perfect so far.

Finally, Will Keen safely got his anole back home to its new home. So did many other students, and I am very thankful to report that none of the anoles are left over at this time. Thank you, Will, and to all of the other students who gave our anoles a new hope and a new life beyond our research in science class!

Oh, and back up to the first picture--the library summer reading program starts very soon (if it hasn't already), so make sure your child has brought home their materials and get them reading over the summer--or keep them reading over the summer, I should say.

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