Sunday, May 7, 2017

Free Smiles All Around

Free Comic Book Day was yesterday, but as we all know now, all available hands from Area 51 were at Gleaner's Food Bank.

That said, I am thankful to my good friends Pete Kilmer and Mike Costello at Downtown Comics of Indianapolis for supplying my classroom with a box full of free comic books for my class! They loved it when I cracked open that box and pulled out issues of Guardians of the Galaxy, DC Super-Hero Girls, and more than that.

On a day that included a spelling test, a Math quiz, a radio drama that provided its share of drama at no fault to the performers, and a grumpy teacher (I'm just saying this assuming I was), this was a much-needed bit of respite to an otherwise tense Friday.

I am very thankful to you guys for doing what you do best, and for going above and beyond for the kids we get to look after every day. Thanks for being the "cool uncles" for my students and supplying them with free comic books.

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