Saturday, September 23, 2017

Sad Farewell

Yesterday we said good-bye to Perla. It was way too soon for her to go--only six weeks in to school--but her family moved and therefore she will now be going just a few miles away to Orchard Park.

I didn't find out until yesterday morning, so most of our day was spent going through all of the normal Friday stuff, but we did play a game of Silent Ball where she got to be the ref for one last time.

Whichever teacher gets her at Orchard Park is lucky.

Come back and visit us, Perla! We will miss you and you will always have a home in Area 51. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Stars My Destination

The kids are in the computer lab right now doing a lesson on digital citizenship, so I'm taking advantage of this time to get a post out to you all.

We went to the CHS Planetarium today, and it was a really valuable trip. We learned about the tilt of the earth, the way the earth rotates as it orbits the sun, the way the moon goes through various phases as it orbits the earth, and so on and so forth. (And personally, I wonder what Hope is looking at in the picture...seems pretty mesmerizing, like she saw a UFO.)

Tomorrow we will have a spelling test and a states and capitals quiz. Don't forget bookmarks are due too!

Last but not least, the permission slips for our trip to Camp Jameson are going home today. The trip is on October 12--the day before fall break. Should be a good time! Let's just hope the weather cools off before then. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Busy Days

Meaning Exercise for Spelling tonight!
My Math class: a page for 2.2!
Read 20 minutes for reading!

Those are the main things you need to know for tonight. We had a pretty good day, covering a Chinese myth of the sun, studied the sun in Science (with the assistance of Bill Nye), and wrote some dialog into our stories. 

More to come, but I have to get out of here pretty quickly today and wanted to make sure I let you in on the homework before I took off. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Happy Birthday to Connor!

Connor is one of those kids that I've been waiting for a long time to have in my class, ever since I had his older brother a few years back. That said, Connor is his own man. He's a football player and a runner. He's a sharp kid and he's well-liked by everyone in the class.

For the last several years, Connor has treated all of Woodbrook to an epic drum performance at the talent show. Last year, when he picked "Left Hand Free" by alt-J, a song I had played all year long on a classroom CD, I knew this kid was one I wanted in my class. It's not one of those songs that just anybody knows. Luckily I got lucky! I got the music snob.

Connor is also an anchorman for our morning announcements at Woodbrook. With his killer smile and perfectly-gelled hair, he just may have a future in the broadcast world. Plus, he speaks clearly, which sounds pretty basic, it is a skill that is pretty rare at this age.

He has a great heart, and is always willing to help when it is needed. He is a natural leader. This footballer, drummer, and spokesman is one who I am proud to call mine as a member of the Area 51 family.

I hope you had a fantastic birthday, kiddo. You deserve it!

I'm Not the Only One Staring At the Sun

Homework for tomorrow is 3x each and read for 20 minutes.

For my math class, you have the 2.1 Home Link.

Today we learned about the changing of the seasons (and how the sun affects them), the proximity of the earth to the sun, and how you can tell the seasons just by looking at the shadows (more or less) in the middle of the day.

In language arts, we had discussions about adjectives; the homophones their, there, and they're; and once again, subject nouns.

Don't worry, Connor, I will get your birthday post up tonight, but it will be kind of late (relatively speaking) by the time I get home tonight. 

Monday, September 18, 2017

Making Ends Meet

Today, we spent some time reviewing the subject and the predicate. As I told the kids, they didn't all do very well on that part on the test last Friday, despite being allowed to use their notes. I did give them another page today after reviewing that will help out their test grade by adding more potential points onto a greater outcome. For instance, if the test was out of 50 points before, I will change it so that it is out of 60, including whatever they earned on this additional assignment.

Their reading comprehension was great, though!

My Math class did pretty well on their test last Friday, I have to say. But then again, I also have to say that only a small handful of people have turned in their homework from last Thursday (the math box fill-in) and even fewer of those people wrote their names on their papers. Yikes.

Alright, that's about all that's urgent for now before I sign off. I hope everyone's Monday evening is a good one. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Predicated Things

Alright, well, this week we are going to be going over complete subject and complete predicates again! Plus, we are going to review simple subjects and simple predicates.

In addition to that, we will have a spelling list, we will have a trip to the Planetarium on Thursday, and my math class (as well as Mrs. Loeffler's and Mrs. Stemnock's math classes) will be starting a new unit.

We will also be starting a new unit in reading (even though--as I said--we will be reviewing as well) a new unit in Reading this week.

More to come! I hope everyone has had a restful weekend.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Road Ahead Is Blue

We learned a ton over the last couple of days. We have talked about predicate nouns and predicate adjectives. We have talked the reason we have different constellations in different seasons. We have talked about why different groups of Native Americans lived in different parts of what is now the United States. We have reviewed capitals of some of those states. We have written conflict into our personal narratives.

Your kids have been working their brains like crazy over the past few weeks. They deserve some big praises, and a nice, relaxing weekend.

Everyone wear your Blue and Gold tomorrow--or your Colts blue! (You could just wear some blue tomorrow and be in a good place.)