Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Season of Mists

This morning was National Hike and Bike to School Day!

I had an early doctor's appointment this morning, so it was really dark on my way there. The drive down Gray Road in the dark and fog looked a bit like a horror movie, appropriate for this time of year. By the time school was about to start, it still looked like an episode of Scooby Doo outside. Earlier today, my computer was being a little mischievous, but now I'm at home, so here's a picture.

We keep plugging away at the year, and as with every year, this one just keeps getting more and more rewarding. I hope your kids come home every day excited about what we've been learning in class.

Talk soon.


tiffany said...

I just love the foggy, misty mornings! Makes everything look so moody and mysterious!

Jeff said...

Me too! They are pretty spectacular in their own way. I used to love hiking through mornings like that when I worked at camp.