Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Everything Louder Than Everything Else

I have altered the timeline a little bit our upcoming Caesar's English quiz--it is now next Wednesday, October 21. As Mrs. Henney reminded the kids after that announcement, though, the idea is not to put off studying. The idea is that the kids will be able to study more. I told them ten minutes a day should do the trick.

Now for a little admin.

First item: The week of October 26-30 is Red Ribbon Week for Woodbrook (and the rest of the city, county, state?). This is a week where we will be discussing ways to avoid drug and substance abuse. To rally around this great cause, we will have a Spirit Week consisting of the following days:

  • Monday: “Living drug and bully free is no sweat for me.” Wear sweat pants and sweatshirts
  • Tuesday: “Stomp out drugs and bullying.” Wear mismatch shoes and socks
  • Wednesday: “Lei off drugs and bullying.” Wear Hawaiian shirts and tropical clothes
  • Thursday: “Follow your dreams, and be drug and bully free.” Wear pajamas
  • Friday: “Woodbrook Lions are “paws-itively” bully and drug free.” Wear Woodbrook spirit-wear
Second item: This is a cut-and-paste from an email Mr. Z sent out earlier today. I repeat it here in case you are interested:

John Adamson, of Adamson Karate, was our guest instructor in PE last week.  Please see the attached registration form for the opportunity for your child to participate in after school Karate classes to be held at Woodbrook beginning October 21st.   
100% of the fees collected go directly to our school! 
Registration forms are due back this Thursday, October 15.

John Zangrilli
Woodbrook PE Instructor

Full disclosure, as I'm sure you know, I do work one night a week for Adamson's Karate. I'm a little partial, but I like and trust the other instructors implicitly and count them among my closest friends. We're pretty great people! Plus, it's for a fine cause. 

Third and final item: We have a special message brought to you by the Dark Knight:

Batman says, "Say cheese, kids. Tomorrow is Picture Day!"

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