Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Macy Maize

Happy Birthday to Macy!

Macy is a newcomer this year to Woodbrook. She comes to us from a school in Lawrence where all of the teaching was done in Spanish, which comes in handy when we are reading a story where there is some Spanish. The best part of that is that we not only have the meaning, but also the correct pronunciation. The bad part is that every time we come to words like that, I realize that for the past fourteen years, I've been pronouncing all those words wrong. I tend to roll every single "r", because I think it sounds more authentic.

Macy is what I would call a quiet leader. Just today, for instance, while I was doling out the parts for the Veteran's Day program, Macy changed her answer from "flag holder" to "I'll take a small speaking part." This was met with a great, supportive reaction from the class. From then on, I had a few people tell me that they wanted either a bigger speaking part, or they joined Macy in the "I'll do a small speaking role" chorus.

That's Macy. She is the furthest thing from a blabbermouth, more content to sit back and listen and think and observe. But then when she does speak, everybody listens. I think we need a lot more people like Macy in the world. Thanks for being at least one of them, Macy! I hope you enjoyed your special day.

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