Saturday, October 31, 2015

It Takes a Village

Over the past week, we have had a lot of special guests come to talk to us, work with us, and introduce us to some pretty cool new things.

First off, Mrs. Calvert came to read to the whole fifth grade. She read a book in conjunction with Red Ribbon Week. This one was about bullying, in particular the emotional kind.

Then, on Wednesday, we had a visit from Officer Greg DeWald, who is our police officer. He is actually stationed out of Clay Middle School. He came in and spoke to my class about intruder drills, tornado drills, and earthquake drills. He also talked to them about Halloween safety.

Later that day, Mrs. Shearman came down to talk with the fifth grade about Student Council. She gave the requirements for running, told the kids how to run and give a speech if they are interested. Mrs. Shearman is now a kindergarten teacher who taught these kids when they were in first grade years ago. That was the year she left the fifth grade, where she had spent many years.

Last, but certainly not least, we had a really special visitor on Thursday. Mrs. McKneight came to work with my class. Mrs. McKneight is one of my best teacher colleagues. She started off as the mom of a student I taught the year I was a student teacher. She was a highly-requested sub in the building, and then when I taught her daughter again in the fifth grade, she was one of my favorite volunteers. She's the kind of person who would just walk in, see what needed to be done, and would do it. She went and got her teaching license at Ball State, and for years now has been one of the most popular teachers at Towne Meadow. So when she told me this summer that she was taking this year off, I knew she would need a kid fix (she's the type of person who would definitely need this), and I told her to come in any time to volunteer in my classroom. When she walked in on Thursday, I pretty much handed my reading lesson off to her, and she picked it up without skipping a beat.

Then, during our Daily 5 time, I knew I was good to send her off with a group of four boys to read an article, discuss it, and have them answer some questions. She's the type that will challenge students and won't let them get away with not participating. Plus, she brought me lunch!

So that was our week of special guest stars, and that's just a small part of what made this week so crazy and awesome.

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