Saturday, October 31, 2015

My No-Good, Filthy Crew Of Awesome

I was so proud of these guys on Thursday night! They really did a great job at this musical performance. All of the kids did such a fantastic job. They were into it, they had fun, and

Mrs. Henney, who is a well-known face around 5-1, talked to me yesterday and told me how much she appreciates the way Woodbrook is allowed to just do a show like that just for the pure fun of it. I think this is something pretty special about not only Woodbrook, but Mrs. Ratner as well. She really does show the kids how to do fun things like this and so many other things throughout the school year. I remember last year, my students would always tell Mrs. Ratner that they would want to do a special performance for me when I came to pick them up. I would get there and be treated to whatever drum beat or dance they had learned or made up that day.

I would also like to say how proud I am that my class was the only one that had 100% of the students show up to perform last night. Admittedly, I humble-bragged this fact to the other teachers: "Oh, really? All of my students came. That's surprising. Huh." I also know that I had many parent volunteers in my classroom for this deal, some of you I saw, many of you I didn't. So thank you, guys. You all made it possible. Thank you!

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