Monday, October 3, 2016

Your World and Welcome To It

Well, as I sit here looking through the latest Woodbrook World, I am finding a few things that are news to me. I always say I am kind of in my own little fifth grade teaching burrow down in Area 51, but this proves it even more than I had realized.
  • There is a coat drive this week for Coats for Kids. You can send in outgrown coats in or bring them in and donate them at the main entrance. 
  • Again, Picture Day is Wednesday!
  • October 12 is Donuts With Dad
  • Also on October 12 is Arni's Night for Woodbrook--this takes place actually from 11am to 10pm. 
  • October 13 is Camp Jameson! I've heard from a couple parents who want to go already, so it would be great if you want to go too!
  • Fall Break is October 14 and 17.
  • The Ghosts and Goblins Run is on October 22 at CHS. Let's all get out there, dress like barnyard animals, and run for our lives! All money goes to the Carmel Education Foundation.
  • The fifth grade musical is on October 27 (Thursday) at 7pm!
I even made the most important parts in bold for easy skimming.

This just goes to show that the WB PTO is the best. What a bunch of busy folks! Thanks for helping make Woodbrook one of the best communities around. 

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