Saturday, October 8, 2016


Happy Birthday, Kyle!

Kyle is one of those people whose face I have known for years. I had his sister in class a few years ago, and ever since, Kyle has talked to me in the hallway. Then, last year, he was one of the guys who invited me to participate in his skit for the talent show. Out of the four or five guys who were a part of that skit (I told them all I wanted them to be in my class), he is one of two who I actually get to have this year. So we are both lucky.

Kyle is one of my go-to guys. If I need something done and done right, I go to Kyle. He's 100% a guy, and he's a good guy. I have often said this about other students, but Kyle is one of my favorite people. I love to read from the back of his favorite book, The Day My Butt Went Psycho, for him, simply because I love watching his face when I read about this book while I act disgusted by it.

I hope your day is awesome, Kyle. You definitely deserve it.