Tuesday, October 25, 2016

At Least They'll Be Prepared for Multi-Tasking

Man, these days are packed.

Today, we did some research on the Wild West. The kids just did some preliminary searches on what they know already, or think they know. We talked about using print media (not real popular with the Millennial-and-under crowd). Soon, I will put them in their groups for their group research.

We also discussed their possible careers for BizTown. As I told them, 100% of the people go for 10% of the jobs, as frustrating as that is. I also told them, though, that all of the jobs at BizTown are lots of fun.

Tomorrow, Blue from the Colts will be here to talk ("talk"?) to the kids about something. I seriously can't remember what he's going to talk to them about right now. But he is coming tomorrow for some reason. I'm tired.

On Friday, Officer DeWald is coming to the school to talk to our kids about safety before the big trick or treat night.

And last but not least, the Woodbrook Book Fair is the week of November 14. More information to come.

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