Thursday, October 27, 2016


Happy Birthday to Sammy!

This school year, Sammy may be the greatest appreciator of my sense of humor. He doesn't laugh obnoxiously when I make a joke, but he reflects it back on me by referencing it later on. He loves and follows the ongoing story line in the GCL's. Most kids see those as a nuisance.

He's one of the few people who cracks me up. I've been told by a couple of close personal friends that I can be "hard to impress". I suppose this is probably true. But Sammy somehow cuts right through that--usually. You might think that a kid who makes so many jokes in class would have troubles with his homework or has many missing assignments, but that is far from the truth. His work is always top notch.

Word has it that a student from 5-2 wants to start a morning talk show with Sammy. I would watch every episode. In fact, I would produce the thing.

Hope you had a great birthday, Sammy! You deserve it easily.

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