Sunday, October 9, 2016

Champions Forever

We had a mini 5-1 reunion yesterday afternoon at the Special Olympics Bocce Tournament at Carmel High School. It was great to see these young men and women (most of whom are literally men and women, age 18--yeesh).

Nick Shaffer (to my right) is president of a group at Carmel High School called Champions Together that held this event. It is a cooperation between the IHSAA and Special Olympics. I told him to let me know anything I could do to help.

Also in the picture are Viva Christy, Reilly Harrington, and Michael Pitz. They were all in my class together back in '09-'10, and now they're all seniors. It was great to see great kids all doing great things. I had no doubt they would, but it's very gratifying to see it in action.

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