Sunday, October 30, 2016


This week we are going to be really really busy, as usual:
  • We have to do some BizTown, and may spend a significant portion of our day tomorrow writing resumes. 
  • Not so significant that we don't have time to get on to our Lucy Caulkins writing about Wild West History.
  • Friday, we will have a test over chapter 4 for Math. 
  • We will have a spelling test on Friday as well.
  • The rest of the time, we will likely be getting caught up on Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts. We have significant ground to cover in all of those subjects.
Don't forget, if you didn't sign off on your child's bookmark by last Friday, it's late, as it was due last Friday. Don't forget to send it in tomorrow if your child forgot a couple days ago.

Next, the kids' book clubs are set to end next Friday. They need to have their books and packets finished by that day. 

Also, if I haven't already contacted you regarding a conference, I will be in the coming weeks. I try to meet with each child's parents at some point during the early-mid-section of the school year. 

Finally--for now--the kids' BizTown interviews are on Tuesday. I am going to ask them to look nice that day. As my dad always said, you should dress like a professional no matter what job you're going for. Don't go out and buy anything, just have your child look a little nicer on Tuesday.

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