Monday, October 31, 2016

October Last

Well, my Halloween is winding down now. At the start of it, I had so much to do that I wasn't sure it would all get finished. Now I am basking in the afterglow of a successful day spent with students and neighbors.

I hope everyone checks this in time to let you know that we might not even use the resumes tomorrow during the interviews, so don't freak out if you didn't get to finish yours the way you wanted during class today. I really just didn't want to pile more homework on top of you this evening. Don't worry about it. It will all be okay in the end, and we will all survive. I'll take the blame if we don't use them.

As usual, I bought too much candy, so it probably won't be hard to bribe it out of me toward the end of the week.

Tomorrow is November, but at least it's going to feel like early September outside. (Wait, is that a good thing or a bad thing?)

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