Thursday, September 29, 2016

Where There's a Will

For a couple years now, I've hoped I would get Will in my class one day.

I've known Will's family for two-plus years now, so pretty much ever since they moved here from Kettering, Ohio, I have wanted to have Will in my class.

Will is a great kid with an easy smile and a sharp mind. I love talking to Will in Math class, where he is a natural leader. He is always with the program, and is one or two steps ahead of everyone else. He isn't boastful about it, though. Far from it; he plays the part of "just another face in the crowd", but just another face I can always count on for the right answer.

Will is what we call a "man's man". He knows football, he's a Reds fan, he can talk all of it and plays all of it at recess, and yes, even though he's an Ohio State Buckeye at heart, he's still one of the good ones.

I hope you had a fantastic birthday, Will. I told you it would be a late one tonight, so I hope you're reading this in the morning.

At least now it's Friday, man. Enjoy your weekend. You deserve a good one!

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