Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Life In Miniature

The students' assignment for Science tonight is to find one to four tiny or intricate objects, either plant-based, animal-based, or other, to look at under the microscope tomorrow. Today we made some observations of plant-based items: a red pepper and celery. For tomorrow, I suggested items such as a dollar bill (which has extremely intricate line work), a hair, fabric from an old t-shirt or something like that. Even a piece of paper or cardboard that has been torn can reveal a whole world of destruction in that tear.

Today, thanks to the watchful eye of Mr. Will K., I found out that I had mistakenly put "Newark, New Jersey" on this week's study guide instead of Trenton. I handed out amended study guides today. I told the kids that I would not put Newark in the word bank on Friday.

Other homework for tomorrow:
  •  My Math class has a Math Box fill-in page. They have already done all of the problems; all they have to do tonight is copy down the answers and hand it in tomorrow.
  • Spelling assignment, of course, is 3x each.
  • ...and last but not least, read for 20 minutes. I still don't have those bookmarks back from the Copy Center! 
I hope everybody has a fantastic rest of your Tuesday!

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