Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Helter Skelter In Summer Swelter

First off, Hike and Bike to School Day has been CANCELLED because of the roundabout construction. It was originally scheduled for September 14. I think we are doing something else fitness-related that day?

Secondly, we have been working very hard on raising our hands and waiting to be called on before talking, not having our hands up while someone else is speaking, and understanding that we just don't have time to listen to everyone's stories in class, as wonderful as I'm sure they are. We have made significant progress so far.

Tonight, homework consists of:
  • read for 20 minutes--bookmarks are DUE ON FRIDAY.
  • Math Study Link 2.3 + the page of work problems.
  • Study for Caesar's English on Friday.
  • Study for States and Capitals quiz on Friday. 
Have a fantastic day. 

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