Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Exploring New Worlds and New Civilizations

Today we had a guest-reader in class who isn't exactly a guest. Miss Sami is our cadet teacher from CHS, and she is in our classroom every other day (or the Blue Days on the CHS calendar). She read a book by one of my favorite children's authors today, So You Want To Be an Explorer?

This was kind of a precursor for our lessons on explorers which are just around the corner in Social Studies. Miss Sami was originally scheduled to be our guest reader on Friday, but she had to leave earlier than she had expected.

This Friday, we will have another guest reader, a very dear friend of mine. I'm looking forward to it. As with most Fridays, it is bound to be a very hectic day, but this particular lady has a way of lowering my blood pressure with her very presence, so it's also bound to be a very good day.  

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