Thursday, September 1, 2016


Happy Birthday to Noah!

I have known Mr. Noah probably longer than anyone else if 5-1. He is one of the nicest kids I've ever known, and I've known a lot of nice kids. Noah is one of those kids who doesn't know an enemy. He's a great kid with a heart of gold.

I love that he sticks to his guns with Michigan State and doesn't mind reminding me about it. I love that he is one of those people who can hold a conversation with adults as well as he does with people his own age. I love that we have had our own handshake since he was in second grade.

Whether he fully realizes it or not, Noah understands my brain more than almost anyone. That alone would be enough to make me think he's a pretty awesome guy. But that doesn't even really matter to me when it comes to Noah, because he's just a great kid who would do anything for anyone who needed it. He's great with the Lifeskills kids, he's well-loved by everyone who knows him, and maybe the best of all is that he doesn't really think about any of that.

Noah will go down with a few other kids who are now in high school or college or out of school altogether who are all doing great things. I will just be satisfied with knowing that I was a tiny part of what he is going to become and the influence that he will be on the world one day.

Happy birthday again, Noah. You deserve it!


Brian said...

Thank you for such a special birthday post! You are a true blessing in Noah's life. Cheers to you Mr. Carter!

Jeff said...

Oh, of course cheers right back at ya!