Sunday, September 11, 2016

Just Ahead of Yesterday

Whew, I just finished planning out a jam-packed week. Actually, I have planned out a jam-packed two weeks, so buckle in! There isn't much wiggle room.

Here's what you at home will want to know for this week:
  • Tomorrow I will hand out a take-home test for Social Studies. This is due on Friday of this week. Of course, students may use their text books, so you should see those come home tomorrow afternoon as well. 
  • Because of the work that will have to be done at home for the Social Studies test, we only have five states on this Friday's states and capitals quiz, and one of them is Indiana! The map, states, and capitals were handed out on Friday, just in case your child's backpack hasn't been touched since.
  • Of course, because this is a five-day week, I am giving a spelling test on Friday, and the typical schedule will follow for that.
  • For the next two weeks, we are going to be writing up a storm as we narrow in on what we want our personal narratives to be and how we are going to tell them. 
Here are a couple of leftover news items from last week:
  • The hourglass ran out on us Friday and we were unable to get to anything about 9/11. Tomorrow we are going to cover that in Social Studies. 
  • Last Thursday, the students expertly executed a bus evacuation drill. In the past, teachers have been asked to take a much more hands-on role in this process, but at least I was able to get a snapshot of a couple of Area 51 guys setting up the scene for their evacuees. 


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