Sunday, September 25, 2016

We Have No Time To Waste

Last Thursday, I was lucky enough to receive a new laptop to use for school. It's one of those like doctors use, where you can flip it inside out and use it like a tablet, you know? One reason I was extremely happy was that I would finally be able to update the kids' grades from home, like at about 11pm, instead of while the kids are in music and I have about 4,972 other things to do also.

Today, I stopped in at school and grabbed it, thinking that, in addition to grading 4,972 papers, I would also be able to update all of the grades as well. I got (most of) the papers graded, but alas, whatever software update needed to be done on said laptop, wasn't done during the ten minutes that I picked it up on Thursday. I will try to get that updated as soon as possible, because it is much more handy to do it here than it is at school.

Anyway, expect grades to be updated tomorrow if I'm fortunate, and Tuesday if I'm not.

Here's what we have coming up this week:
  1. In addition to the Spirit Week this week, it is also College Go Week. We are all supposed to give a talk about where we went to college, which means my students will all get to hear about how awesome Purdue is (with a bit of how awesome IU is too...grad school and all). I'll try to have the various aids who come in and out of our classroom during the day give their spiels too. 
  2. On Thursday, the kids are assigned to type up their personal narratives. This is one project that is a long time coming! These writing units are really long.
  3. We will have Spelling this week as well, and we are also starting a new chapter in Math. Not everyone was able to finish their math tests on Friday, so a few will need to finish those up tomorrow. I will hand them back as soon as I have everybody's test turned in and graded. 
  4. We will have a Science quiz on Friday over material given for cellular life this week. The kids will be allowed to use their notes, so they will want to make sure to keep good notes throughout the week in class. I will not send home a study guide on this since they are going to be able to use their in-class notes. 
Speaking of Science, here is Grant with his take on a "mad scientist" for the cover of his Science notebook.

Have a great week, everyone!

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