Sunday, January 15, 2017

We Call It Our Burden, But Really It's Our Privilege

Mrs. Dunlap came to our class on Thursday to help jump-start our writing unit on memoirs. I have to admit, I felt pretty intimidated by this unit, because my experience just in teaching personal narratives has had some pretty mixed results. She read a memoir out loud to the class, and as much as I pride myself on my read-aloud abilities, hers are different in a way that my class really reacted to. It was awesome hearing their responses to what she shared. I am relieved that she and I will be co-teaching this unit.

As for Friday, well, it was a day full of testing, really. We had a math test in the morning. Then we had our NWEA testing, then in the afternoon we did our spelling test.

Luckily, my twinge of guilt over this led to me giving the kids a little indoor game time (the uneducational kind, even!). The kids played Clue, Blokus, they played with Legos, and the assembly of the foosball table (the extremely cheap one) continued. I figured they deserved twenty minutes of fun.

We have been learning about Roanoke, Jamestown, Plymouth, and the colonial life in Social Studies. I have to say that this is going really well too. I had kids who took the book home to read it one night! I love teaching this stuff, too. And don't worry, Science lovers, I have some more NASA challenges coming your way this week.

Mrs. Delaby and Mrs. Pradeep came in on Friday to take some pictures of the kids for the auction item for the big Mane Bash (see the message right after this one) in February. This led to a fun photo shoot, and I jumped in with my own phone, as you can see in this post.

Lastly, we got snowballed by Mrs. DeHaven's class, in particular, Will Strines's sister Anna! Turn in those box tops and we can return the favor, or at least pay it forward.

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