Tuesday, January 24, 2017


I had known many of my students already for a little while before the school year started. Brooke is one of them. I have known Brooke for a couple years pretty well at this point through her sisters and tutoring. But it has been such a pleasure to have her in class, as I should have known it would be.

She is a spokesperson for the kids in the lifeskills class. Often at recess, she is seen trying to coax a girl from that class into playing with her, or just trying to get her to come off of the playground after the whistle is blown.

Brooke is also one of those kids I can always count on when it comes to paying attention to what we are learning, who always has a thoughtful answer, and who puts true care into and takes pride in her schoolwork. No one ever complains about having to work with Brooke. Ever.

And she is much more than that. She is a smart girl. I know she will be a strong thinker and have her own strong opinions one day.

I can't wait to see what becomes of Brooke. In the meantime, I hope she had a really great day today. She deserves it.

Happy Birthday, Brooke!

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