Monday, January 2, 2017

Always We Begin Again

Well, I'm at school right now spending the workday essentially trying not to make a bigger mess than I already have. We have already met about NWEA testing next week, and luckily the rest of the day is just for us to get everything as ready as possible.

One quick note: We will have a Caesar's English quiz this week, but instead of the roots we would normally have, we are going to take on another component of the curriculum--classical vocabulary. The sheet I am giving the kids tomorrow will have some quotes on it from classical literature, but they will not be expected to know those quotes by any means. They are just examples of the words being used in texts from long ago. All they will be expected to know is the meanings of these words and be able to apply those meanings in the quiz. They won't even need to know how to spell them.

Ready or not, 2017, here we come!

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