Monday, January 30, 2017

Near Future; Recent Past

In Math today, we began by going over the quiz from last Friday. The kids didn't do all that hot overall, so I decided to break the subject matter up into chunks and give them an Exit Slip each day this week. Today it was over expanded notation using exponents and powers of 10. Yes, that's what we do in fifth grade now. But it's okay, because even though it sounds incredibly complex, everyone got it no problem today.

The kids also received a new Caesar's English list, we did most of a lesson on matter, and we did a little bit of reading as well. Oh, and the kids wrote their butts off as well. Mrs. Dunlap made another appearance today, and she is so good at getting the most out of even the most reluctant writers.

Finally, a few teachers from Clay Middle are coming in tomorrow--not to observe the kids they will be getting next year (although, I wouldn't blame them for two birds and one stone), but to watch me teach and see how fifth grade runs at Woodbrook. Well, as far as the language arts portion goes, anyway. I've been told not to do anything special, so I plan to just do what we would normally do.

Talk soon!

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