Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Forest And the Trees

Hopefully the kids learned a lot and had fun at Clay tonight.

The only homework the kids had tonight was the Math study guide (one page, front and back), 20 minutes of reading, their meaning exercises for spelling, and the social studies questions from the book. They were given a good amount of time to get the social studies finished in class, but some of them were struggling with finding the answers, but the biggest problem was that they expected for the answers to be laid out right in front of them. We will be talking about this in the coming weeks, because this is something I hope to get them past in the near future.

I do know that tomorrow night is another Clay night, so I will try not to load them down with any more work than necessary, so please know that anything more they need to have finished will be because they didn't use their time too wisely during class. I plan to give them all kinds of time tomorrow to get it finished.

Talk to you soon.

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