Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Happy Birthday, Ella!

Ella is somewhat of a 5-1 legacy, as I had her sister in my Math class a couple years ago. I should have known at the time, though, that Ella is very much her own person.

Ella is very much the level-headed person in any group, and in fact, in a classroom that needs a few level heads. She is a friend to everyone, and she manages to be a good friend while also being the voice of reason. Ella is the type of student who makes me not only glad she is in the room, but also feel a little bad for her having to be in a classroom full of boys along with a male teacher.

But you know what? She puts up with us. And we are extremely thankful. We are also thankful that, if anyone ever needs any help with any work, she is always able and willing to help. There isn't a girl in the room who isn't relieved when they get her as a partner, and there also isn't a boy in the room who isn't secretly glad they have her to work with.

Happy Birthday, Ella! We all know you deserved to have a great one today.

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