Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Happy Birthday, Talulah!

Talulah is a gifted writer and a wonderful artist. She has true talent in both of these fields.

One of the best things about her writing is the way she can just sit down and pour a story out onto a page, leaving the editing to be done later. For many students, getting them to write anything at all is like pulling teeth, but that is not a problem at all with Talulah. She has a knack for storytelling that says "Enough is never enough!" That is truly refreshing in every way for a teacher.

As for her other artistic side--her drawing abilities--Talulah is quite the accomplished pencil artist. As a fairly decent pencil artist in my own right, this is a great thing to see. It's awesome to see a student who can draw without erasing every other line she puts down. It's wonderful to see such a free-wheeling sketch-artist in the room.

Happy birthday, Talulah! I hope it was fantastic. You deserve it.

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