Sunday, January 29, 2017

Same Riff; No Apostrophe

Happy Chinese New Year, all!

As for this week, well, the obvious biggie is Colonial Days on Friday. I know that many of you parents are volunteering for that one, and we are extremely thankful for you coming and giving your time that day. It would be impossible without your dedication.

We will have a Caesar's English quiz on Thursday (list going home tomorrow) and a Social Studies take-home test that is due on Friday.

Wednesday is Jump Rope for Heart day, and Clay Middle School counselors will come that day to tell the kids about making their schedules for next year. They will bring all that information hope that day.

For now, I think that's all there really is to know. Have a happy cock-a-doodle-doo year!


Harry Zhou said...

ayy Chinese New Year

Jeff said...

Harry!! What's UP!?

Harry Zhou said...

Sorry I was so late replying! However, not much, I am attending Part Tudor right now and it is going well. I assume you are doing well? How is your class?

Harry Zhou said...

Anyone else from the 2012-2013 class comment recently?