Tuesday, January 24, 2017

But Why Exactly Does Aunt Sally Need To Be Excused?

Good afternoon. The kids are at lunch right now, but I wanted to update you on what we talked about and learned today in class.

We have been not only reading a book on Thomas Edison, but we have tied a couple of lessons into his teachings.

One of these lessons is our memoirs. I showed the kids how I sketch out a drawing before I add on any details. If I started with the details, it doesn't turn out right. It ends up looking really awkward instead of showing any movement. I told them that it's good to have a plan down for their memoirs, or even have written it, but to expect to have to go back and tweak and add in details to what they have written. Tomorrow we'll do more writing and then I will have some of them share what they have done so far.

We also read a really great little story this morning called "Thank You, Ma'am" by Mr. Langston Hughes. It's about a kid who tries to nab a lady's purse who ends up learning an important lesson.

In math this morning, we covered Order of Operations, also known as Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally, also known as PEMDAS.

I hope everyone has a great afternoon!

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