Monday, November 14, 2016

Smiles All Around

This afternoon, Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. McClatchey, and a few of their students came down to the fifth grade pod to tell our kids about the Peer Buddies program. Mitchell and McClatchey are the teachers for the Lifeskills classes, and they were seeing who was interested in being a part of the program.

I was very happy to see our very own Brooke O. up there talking about her experience with it, and giving a very real explanation of what it's like to help out with the students of the Lifeskills class. It takes a special kind of person to do that. I have always said that I really respect those who work with Lifeskills kids. My parents used to teach Sunday School to this population when I was a kid, and that is one of the many things I admire about them.

In the past months, I've heard about students of mine who have gone from the Peer Buddies program at Woodbrook on to the Best Buddies at the high school, and I even have one who is president of Champions Together, a group at the high school who supports Special Olympics activities through the high school, creating athletic events for special needs students.

I encourage everyone who is at least a little interested in this to give it a shot. It could change your life in a way you didn't even expect. If not, then it's all good. But it's at least worth a try.

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