Monday, November 14, 2016

Look Sharp

This Wednesday we are going to the Palladium to hear the Carmel Symphony perform their annual concert for the kids. This is a cool little trip, and we will be back by about 10:30 or 11:00. I haven't told the kids this, but I do expect them to look nice that day. We are not going to a tractor pull; we are going to the Palladium.

I handed the students a take-home test for Social Studies chapter 4. I would like to get another chapter in before winter break, because we are behind. I always have students who ask me if they are allowed to take their books home for a take-home test. The answer is always of course.

We have picture retake day on Wednesday before we leave for the Palladium, so if anyone needs to have their school picture retaken, it will be the perfect time because they will surely already look nice, right?

Thank you today to Mrs. Brooks who watched my class while I attended a meeting about the writing curriculum.

I gave the kids a piece of Economics homework this evening. It is a paper that they have to read and answer in complete sentences. All of the information needed is right there on that page!

Hopefully everyone has a great Monday evening. Will talk to you soon!

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