Saturday, November 5, 2016

Remember Remember the Fifth of November

Personally, I'm happy to be finished with this past week. Between Halloween, the BizTown interview day, my sub showing up late on Wednesday and making me miss my doctor's appointment (the whole reason I had asked for the afternoon off), the big day after the Cubs victory, and our Freaky Friday (with the extra-long morning) yesterday. As I said earlier this week, I was "searching for normal", but I definitely didn't find it this week.

I will say this, as off-kilter as we were all week, yesterday was really pretty great for the most part. We had art in the afternoon, after recess, instead of in the morning. We did a math test, then got to work for the kids' final book club meetings if they still needed to have them, then we had a spelling test, some TGF3, First Grade Buddies, and then back for a little bit of much-needed plain old silent reading time before heading to lunch, recess, and then art. I called this last part of the day "Mr. Carter Chill Time" because I didn't have recess duty, and therefore had the rest of the day "off" (yeah right!).

Hopefully everyone is having a good weekend. It's a beautiful fall day outside.

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