Thursday, November 17, 2016

Among the Stars

In class today, I taught the kids about space, the stars, ancient astronomers, and gravity using notes that I wrote during my first year of teaching. Back when we still thought Pluto was a planet instead of a comet.

Yesterday, we did the same thing, only using the globe and my iPhone's flashlight. It turns out it's not our proximity to the sun that controls the earth's climate, it's the tilt of the axis at different times of the year.

We had a really great day today, which was even better--somehow--than yesterday. Today, we managed to get our last Daily 5 in for the day, learn about astronomy, learn about quotation marks, learn about Christopher Columbus (not even his real name) and find out that people knew the earth was round about 800 years before he set sail to "prove that it was round" (not even true).

The kids have done well the last couple days, and the next week and a half need to be exactly as good if we're going to get all of our BizTown business under our belts.

I hope everyone has a great Friday and stays warm this weekend.

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