Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Harvest Is When I Need You Most


What a good Tuesday we had yesterday...

First, we had another guest reader (college kids home for Thanksgiving this week, you know), Mr. Eric McDougal. Eric is a kid that I tutored for years after working with his sister at Camp Tecumseh, although I don't think that connection had anything to do with it, really. It was great to have him come in, and the kids asked him many questions about his time playing soccer for the University of Evansville.

We took an all-bonus quiz for our Words of the Day yesterday, which I actually tried really hard to make fun.

Finally, we were treated to a great party by our awesome room parents: Mrs. Delaby, Mrs. Swallow, Mrs. Strines, Mrs. Conley, Mr. Turney-Bozell, Mrs. Brink, Mrs. Pradeep, and Mrs. Mock, who was the head honcho of all the fall parties. With so many parents there, this was definitely my least stressful room party to date.

I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday tomorrow and a very restful few days before we all come back to get ready for BizTown, plus all the other business to get to before we can get to closing out the semester.

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