Friday, November 11, 2016


Happy Birthday to Marissa!

We were happy to celebrate Marissa's birthday today. What can I say about Marissa? She is one of the most patient and kind people in 5-1. She always wants to do her absolute best, and she expects great things of herself.

Marissa never has an unkind thing to say about anybody. She is a good friend to anyone, and always lends a nice, thoughtful balance to classmates who are more impulsive. When I am looking for someone to give an answer that has been thought-out and reasoned, I can always call on Marissa. She puts care into her work, which is so wonderful for a teacher to see. You should watch her work with her first grade buddies. It's like she's a natural at helping them become better little people.

Marissa, I hope your birthday was an incredibly special one. You deserve it, not only because you're a wonderful person, but because of what you give to 5-1 every day. We are a better class because of you.

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